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Fashion stylist Laura Ferrara may just be upstate New York’s chicest farmer. (Think Wellies and Stella McCartney sweaters.) She and her husband, photographer Fabio Chizzola, own Westwind Orchard, with 500 McIntosh and Cortland trees (to name two types) and a 1770s stone house. In less than 10 years, the couple has become expert in certified naturally grown techniques and beekeeping—when Ferrara’s not baking her signature apple cake with chocolate and walnuts or playing hostess to her tastemaker friends. “Maybe I should start a fashion commune next,” she jokes. We hope she’s serious.

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Honeybees and apples are intimately connected. Honeybees and corn share conjugal bonds as well. Interconnectedness. If anyone doubts the ramification our food choices have on our world, please read a recent article in London’s The Guardian entitled “Pesticides: Germany Bans Chemicals Linked to Honeybee Devastation:” “Germany has banned a family of pesticides that are blamed for the deaths of millions of honeybees. The German Federal Office of Consumer Protection and Food Safety (BVL) has suspended the registration for eight pesticide seed treatment products used in rapeseed oil and sweet corn. The move follows reports from German beekeepers in the Baden-Württemberg region that two thirds of their bees died earlier this month following the application of a pesticide called clothianidin.” Choose to eat sweet corn or an apple or any other vegetable or fruit grown conventionally, chances are you are contributing, as an accomplice—wittingly or not—to the death of honeybees. Maybe this news prompts a “So what?” Bees are bees are bees—some variation on yellow and black endowed with nasty stingers, all of them. (As a matter of fact, yellow jackets and hornets are the ornery, sting-happy bees and they are carnivorous. Is there a connection…?) Untrue. Take a look closer […]

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