Cider’s roots are deep. Deep in a European tradition that long ago came to America, only to be interrupted by thirteen years of Prohibition in the early 20th century. While new American cider traditions are measured in years or decades, Europeans have cider traditions that stretch back uninterrupted for centuries. Its only in the last few years that American ciders have resurfaced with a new sense of purpose. We may be new, but we learn fast.

Borrowing from those old European cider traditions, Westwind Orchard began tinkering with its own style of cider about four or five years ago. Most of our orchards are comprised of some pretty standard northeast US apple varieties, like McIntosh and Stayman. But, like just like ‘old vine’ vineyards the trees have only gotten better with age allowing us to make some pretty incredible ciders with what was already growing here. Add in some newer characters like GoldRush and raspberries, and some traditional and wild cider apples, and we’re sailing into uncharted waters.

After a few years of figuring out our cider direction, we starting working with Andy Brennan – of Aaron Burr Cidery – to work out the kinks and put the finishing touches on our ciders. Where we’ve landed is pretty impressive and something we’re very proud of. So here we sit in Accord, NY, nestled in the shadows of the Catskill mountains eating pizza and sipping our ciders just waiting for you to stop by. We serve our ciders (and pizza) on weekends, Saturday 11-8 and Sunday 11-6, as well as Labor Day and Columbus Day 11-6. 


Westwind Orchard Ciders are produced in the traditional method using true cider apples from our orchard in the Shawangunk Mountains. All of our ciders are unfiltered, bottle conditioned (no added CO2), and contain no added sulfites (though natural sulfites are present) or sugar. These ciders are fermented with wild yeast and are naturally effervescent. We have three styles of cider that reflect everything you need to know about us.


  • Classic – totally dry, our Classic is just that. Nothing but apples….and Love.


  • Raspberry – this is our Classic with whole Westwind raspberries added during fermentation to give it a nice pink color, similar to those great Italian rosato wines.


  • GoldRush –GoldRush was recently released to great fanfare and is one of the latest varieties that we can harvest. It actually needs to be off the tree for a few months before it fully develops the character we’re looking for. The amazing thing – where the magic comes in – is that GoldRush is one of the few dessert apples makes a great cider all on its own.


All of our ciders are limited this season, so enjoy them while you can! There’s always next year.




215 Lower Whitfield Road | Accord | NY | 12404