The next year, against all odds, with the help of Fabio’s newfound area of expertise and with the encouragement of his friend Mike, a local pomologist, the apples bore fruit. “We didnt think anything of it,” Laura remembered. Then, after a few years, Fabio planted blackberries and raspberries. “I kept asking him, ‘Why are you doing this?’ And he said, we have this land so I just want to try it.” As the apples and berries flourished, Laura spent her weekends picking apples and making the berries into a jam from a recipe from Fabio’s mother. “I just [make] it the way I like,” she told me, “which is really smooth and not gelatinous. It’s mostly just berries and lemon.” She began selling her goods on a table by the side of the road everyday between her commutes into the city for Fashion Week and editorial photoshoots.

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