May 2014 News

May 2014 News

A day of rain is finally giving me some time to write what’s happening in the orchard. It’s been so much work planting our newbies while staying on top of our crops. Days start at 5:30 a.m. and never end before 8:30 p.m.
We are excited to finally be done planting for this spring. It’s nice to see our “baby” trees next to their “Grandpas.” We planted more apples, pears(both Asian and European), plums, paw paws, and two lines of seedless table grapes.
It is so exciting to see new faces on the ground! So far we have around 30 different varieties of apples, 8 varieties of pears, but still, we are not done. Every year we will plant more trees and vines. I need to have something to do when I retire, right?

Let me give you a few updates on the farm.
In regards to apples and pears, so far we have an excellent crop on the newer trees, and a very good crop on the old ones. Hopefully the weather collaborates with us to get these delicious fruits to size up, and be healthy and juicy!

Our industrious honeybees are enjoying the warmer temperatures, pollinating our trees and collecting a lot of golden nectar.

Our beautiful flock of chickens is laying delicious eggs, and we are sharing them with our friend’s families, delivering to their doorsteps every week.
See the new blog on Nonna Dora’s Pastiera Napoletana with our eggs.

It’s such a feeling of accomplishment to have all the garlic, potatoes, tomatoes and onions in the ground. Harvest time is still far off, but planting them always feels full of promise.

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