PYO Rules

Pick-Your-Own Rules & Regulations

Westwind Orchard is a small family farm and orchard. We work hard to produce our crops and maintain a place where you can come enjoy the day.

These rules and guidelines are intended to keep you and others safe. We have orchard staff throughout the farm. If you have any questions, just ask.

  • Please enjoy yourself at Westwind Orchard, but help us out by being safe and respecting the trees, animals, and other visitors.
  • DO NOT throw apples on the ground just because they don’t look perfect. We work hard to grow our apples; please pay for what you pick or eat.
  • If you do pick an apple you don’t like, please give it to member of our staff so we can use it for cider or other goodies.
  • DO NOT climb in trees, on rocks, ladders, buildings, or machinery.
  • No swimming is allowed anywhere on the property.
  • Please stay within the obvious boundaries of the farm. Don’t go off the property unless it is for a short walk on the road. We do live in the country, but we have neighbors, too.
  • DO NOT throw apples at anyone or anything for any reason! You will be asked to pay for the damaged fruit and asked to leave.
  • There are receptacles for garbage, recyclables, and compost — please use them! Respect the environment.
  • Be nice and enjoy the day!

Thank you for your cooperation!


215 Lower Whitfield Road | Accord | NY | 12404