Reviews of Westwind Orchard

Reviews of Westwind Orchard

Wonderful experience!

Sep 20, 2015 by Ryan Louise

Visited the farm today and had an amazing time. Did some apple and berry picking. There was plenty for everyone and I really love the fact that the fruit was all organic. Had a delicious wood fire pizza and shopped a bit in the store. Purchased a jar of raw honey that was straight from honeybees at the farm. I couldn't wait to try some as soon as I got home, had a spoonful and it's amazing, it tastes like liquid GOLD!!!! I can't wait to visit again and this time I'll be sure to bring friends and/or family. Thank you for having such a lovely family friendly place.


Oct 25, 2014 by Diego


A Welcome Inspired Endeavor for us city folk

Oct 25, 2014 by Judi Wong

Dear Laura,
I am SO happy to see you doing such honorable and inspiring work. It meant so much to me.
I know that every single aspect and inch of that wonderful place of yours is considered and what a beautiful job you and Fabio have done.
I would love for our chefs to support you.
Are you able to deliver to the restaurants?


Oct 20, 2014 by danielle

We took a little roadtrip to westwind orchard after seeing it featured in 'and north' It was so much more than an orchard. They have a beautifully curated shop full of organic fruits and veggies as well as homemade jams and spreads. There are also linens and wooden spoons and cutting board among many other handcrafted items. Bunches of garlic and hot peppers hung above where you walk around to peruse. They sell the most amazing flavored gelato (wish we had tried them, but it would have melted in the drive home) they make wood fired pizza using the fresh veggies they have available. The kids are free to be kids and the adults are free to be adults. That. Right the best part. I have yet to stumble upon a place where I was among so many others who had children running around playing freely without hovering over them and fretting about their every move. There was a foosball table and about 8 kids patiently took turns playing without an adult to referee. It was so picturesque with picnic tables set up under the apples trees and lights hanging above. The gorgeous backdrop of upstate NY made it that much more delicious. I'm sad to know this was the last weekend they are open this season, but I already know where I will be going next year! I highly recommend that anyone who lives close or is up for a beautiful drive to go to westwind orchard and enjoy some pizza, some relaxation and some beauty in life.


Oct 15, 2014 by Stephanie Pesakoff

Westwind Orchard is utterly charming…a quintessential Ulster County destination...Thank you Laura and Fabio for creating such a beautiful venue for a lovely October afternoon, your apples are delicious and the pizza is beyond!

Westwind Orchard Rocks!

Oct 14, 2014 by Ariadna Pedret

We had a fantastic time at Westwind Orchard during the weekend.
Our children had a blast, not only picking berries and pumpkins, but playing with other children, basketball, foosball or bocce and running around. While the children played, the adults laid in blankets and listened to live music. The pizzas and fresh made pastries are delicious! Everyone loved them.
They also have a store where you can stock up with Westwind Orchard grown produce and eggs as well as beautifully curated objects.
Overall it was a magical day, Fabio, Laura and the rest of the Westwind family are generous and make you feel completely welcome.

best farm in the hudson valley

Sep 20, 2014 by Jeff

An internet search for organic apple picking brought be on a 50 minute drive to Westwind, and it was well worth it. They had a great pick-your-own where we walked through the well-cared for fields and picked organic blackberries and rasberries that were amazing in both taste and appearance. We then sat outside and had some of the best wood-fired pizzas with ingredients from the farm. The farm store offers a good selection of hand-made goods as well as artisan ingredients and deserts. I highly recommend and will be back next weekend!

Pizza and Picnic and Moonrise

Sep 18, 2014 by Charlie B. Williams

Spent a beautiful evening at the Westwind Orchard! Pizzas made with fresh ingredients plus a sweet farm stand. This was certainly off my radar - really a pleasant discovery. Located very close to the Saunderskill Market (which I also love) Take a short, windy road off Route 209, Mettacahonts Road; the one by Skate Time, just minutes away. It's the harvest season, a perfect time to go. Thanks for all the people and their hard work being put into this hidden venue.


Sep 17, 2014 by Giada Lubomirski

When we first set foot into the Westwind Orchard grounds, we were welcomed with such open arms. This family owned farm is truly magical and full of love. We walked around the property and had the privilege of meeting 85 year old Nonna Dora who is a true inspiration & at the time, was picking fresh basil to make her famous pesto sauce. Then we ventured off again, and met the chickens that provide us with the best eggs in NY. The chickens are so spoiled because they eat an all organic diet and get to roam around as they please. We get Westwind Orchard eggs delivered to NYC, which is so special, not many farms do this. Laura and Fabio's son Matteo, kindly delivers the magic eggs to our doorstep. All in all, we ended up falling in love with this place and go apple picking, berry picking, pumpkin picking every year. At the end of our visit, we always end up at their farm shoppe to get their famous and delicious maple syrup, chocolate raspberry jam (which you won't find anywhere else), & their unforgettable honey. I can't wait to go back again with our family and friends. Our kids love it there ;-)

pizza perfect!

Sep 16, 2014 by Sarah Meikle

I spent a perfect afternoon at Westwind Orchard, with my children and friends, stuffing ourselves with the most tremendous pizza made right in front of us by the pizza master, Chicco. I'm still dreaming of the squash blossom, fresh tomato pizza drizzled with olive oil and sprinkled with fresh basil on an incredibly thin flavorful crust. Everything is seriously amazing. Westwind Orchard is my idea of a very happy day. Thank you Laura, Fabio & Matteo.

Westwind Orchard , USA 5.0 5.0 19 19 Visited the farm today and had an amazing time. Did some apple and berry picking. There was plenty for everyone and I really love the fact that the fruit was all organic. Had a del

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