Holiday Gifts

Holiday Gifts

We wish to thank you and our friends and families for supporting us and our farm.

We had a lot of fun this season, and loved every minute of it!

A farmer friend said to me “remember 2013, because we won’t see too many years like it”. Well, yes this was a very special year…lots of apples, sun and fun!!

We are at the end of the season. Our store is closed and pretty much all trees are shutting down. So are we! Well, not really :). We stored our tractors away, took care of most of the amendments for our trees, but we are not sitting down in front of the fire yet….we love working on the cutting boards, winter is a good season to get creative and stock up!! We are very excited to use special wood like black walnut, cherry and ambrosia maple. We will sell them online soon, but if you are interested now, please contact us.

We are also going to build another mobile chicken coop for 30-40 more chickens, we love our organic eggs, it just doesn’t get better than that.

Organic Eggs

We have a few gift boxes left for sale for the holidays, please contact us directly if you are interested. WestWind Orchard is a small family operated farm. All our items are handpicked, handmade and delicious which makes quantities limited.

Gift Box OutsideGift Box

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