Events at Westwind Orchard



27th, 28th & 29th: Pizza & Cider Tasting

Sat. 2nd: Pizza, Cider Tasting,


3rd & 4th: Pizza & Cider Tasting

10th & 11th: Pizza & Cider Tasting

17th & 18th: Pizza & Cider Tasting

24th & 25th: Pizza & Cider Tasting


1st, 2nd & 3rd: Pizza & Cider Tasting

8th & 9th: Pizza & Cider Tasting

15th &  16th: Pizza & Cider Tasting

22nd & 23rd: Pizza & Cider Tasting

29th & 30th: Pizza & Cider Tasting


Friday 4th: Pizza, Cider & Movie

6.45p Movie “The Big Lewboski” Rated R

Saturday 5th: Pizza, Cider & Kids Movie

4.00p Kids Show “The Hipstones

6.45p Kids Movie “The BFG” Rated PG

Sunday 6th: Pizza & Cider

Friday 11th: Pizza, Cider & Movie

6.45p Movie “Rushmore” Rated R

Saturday 12th: Pizza, Cider & Kids Movie

6.45p Kids Movie “Madagascar Escape 2 Africa” PG

Sunday 13th: Pizza & Cider

Friday 18th: Pizza, Cider & Movie

6.45p Movie “My Left Foot” Rated R

Saturday 19th: Pizza, Cider & Berry UPick

6.45p Kids Movie “Hugo” Rated PG

Sunday 20th: Pizza & Cider & Berry UPick

Friday 25th: Pizza, Cider & Movie

6.45p Movie “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?”  PG13

Saturday 26th: Pizza, Cider and Berry UPick

6.45p Kids Movie “Toy Story” Rated G

Sunday 27th: Pizza and Cider & Berry UPick


Friday 1st: Pizza, Cider and Movie

6.45p  Movie night “Good Will Hunting”  R

Saturday 2nd: Pizza, Cider, Apples & Berry UPick

5pm  Music by Ivan Rubenstein-Gillis 

6.45pm  Movie night “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” PG

Sunday 3rdPizza, Cider, Apples & Berry UPick

2.30pm  Music by Fatboy Kanootch  with Brian Mitchell, Clark Gayton and Daniel Freedman.

Mon. 4thPizza, Cider & Berry UPick

Friday 8th: Pizza, Cider and Movie

6.30p  Movie night “Trainspotting” R

Saturday 9th: Pizza, Cider, Apples & Berry UPick

3pm Music by Liana Gabel

6.30p  Kids Movie “Up” PG

Sunday 10thPizza, Cider, Apples & Berry UPick

Friday 15th: Pizza, Cider and Movie

6.15p  Movie night “Pulp Fiction” R

Saturday 16th: Pizza, Cider, Apples & Berry UPick

6.15p  Kids Movie “Ratatouille” G

Sunday 17thPizza, Cider, Apples & Berry UPick

Friday 22nd: Pizza, Cider and Movie

6.15p  Movie night “Groundhog Day” PG

Saturday 23rd: Pizza, Cider, Apples & Berry UPick

6.15p  Kids Movie “Frozen” PG

Sunday 24thPizza, Cider, Apples & Berry UPick

Friday 29th: Pizza and Cider

Saturday 30th: Pizza, Cider, Apples & Berry UPick

4.00p  Music by Sarah Wise

6.15p  Kids Movie “Minions


Sunday 1stPizza, Cider, Apples & Berry UPick

Friday 6th: Pizza, Cider and Movie

5.45p  Movie night “Being John Malkovich

Saturday 7th: Pizza, Cider, Apples & Berry UPick

2.30p  Music by The Bones of J.R. Jones

5.45p  Movie night “Happy Feet

Sunday 8th: Pizza, Cider, Apples & Berry UPick

3.30p  Music by The Vetiver

Monday 9th: Pizza, Cider, Apples & Berry UPick

Friday 13th: Pizza, Cider and Movie

5.45p  Movie night “Life is  beautiful

Saturday 14thPizza, Cider, Apples & Berry UPick

5.45p  Kids Movie “James and the Giant Peach

Sunday 15th: Pizza, Cider & Berry UPick

Friday 20th: Pizza, Cider and Movie

6.00p  Movie night TBD

Saturday 21stPizza, Cider, Apples & Berry UPick

3pm Music by Liana Gabel

6.00p  Kids Movie TBD

Sunday 22nd: Pizza, Cider & Berry UPick

Friday 27th: Pizza, Cider and Movie

6.00p  Movie night TBD

Saturday 28thPizza, Cider, Apples & Berry UPick

3pm Music by James Hearne

6.00p  Kids Movie TBD

Sunday 29th: Pizza, Cider & Berry UPick


215 Lower Whitfield Road | Accord | NY | 12404